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Note 1: K (Kitchen), DR (Dining Room), LR (Living Room), ST (Storage), LDY (Laundry), FM (Family Room), OTH (Other)
Note 2: E (Electric), H (Heat), W (Water), S (Sewer), HW (Hot Water), TR (Trash Removal), SR (Snow Removal), LC (Lawn care)
Location Description BD/BA Other Rooms
(Note 1)
Pets Heat Fuel Rent $ Security $ Renter Pays
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PalmyraBeautiful two bedroom apartment with electric included2 / 1LR, Dr, KYesgas650650water/sewer/gasgarbage/sewer tax/electric315-332-1088Yes
PalmyraHuge 5 bedroom single home5 / TwoKitchen, LR DRYesgas975975all utilities315-332-1088Yes
Sodus2 Bedroom2 / 1Dining room, pantryNoNatural Gas$575.00$575.00E, H,W,S,TR,SR, LC315-483-4781Yes
Lyons1 bedroom1 / 1K, LRNoElectric400400E, H, HWW, TR, SR315-246-0006Yes
Newarkone bedroom1 / 1living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroomNoelectric400400utilities, water, electricweekly trash pick up3153316922Yes
ButlerWow! Great 1 Bedroom1 / 1BalconyYesElectricClean and attractive one bedroom apartment. Will be Freshly painted. Includes a stove and refrigerator. Large closet in the bedroom. Air conditioning units in the family room and bedroom. Tub/500500Electric & WaterGarbage & lawncare.315-879-1935Yes
Ontario2 bed apt / 2 fam home2 / 1LR, K, LDYNoHW baseboard725.725.E, HTR, W, SR, LC585-721-9626Yes
Newark2 Bd Townhouse2 / 1.5K, DR, LR, LDY, OTHElectric750.00750.00ElectricW, S, TR, SR, LC315-331-4486Yes
PalmyraWow - Awesome 1 Bedroom1 / 1Walk-in closetElectric650650Electric & water.Sewer, garbage, landscaping & snow removal.315-879-1935Yes
Lyonshouse4 / 2k,lr,drYesnat gas850850alllawncare315-573-3802Yes
Newark1 bedroom apt1 / 1nat. gas$525/mo$525G&E, W&S315-331-4036No
Newarkefficiency apt1 / 1No$160/week$160n/aall (inc catv)315-331-4036No
Newark2 bedroom apt2 / 1nat. gas$650/mo$650G&E, W&S315-331-4036No
Wolcott2 bedroom 1st floor2 / 12Nonatural gas650650all315-529-2932Yes
Lyons1 bedroom One / One400-575Same 315-374-4597Yes
LyonsUpper/Lower3 / 1DR,K.LR.FRNoE. Gas7001.000E.H.W.S.SRTR.LC585-764-3239No
Clyde111 glasgow st1 / 1K, LRNo450.00450.00E, HW, HW, S, TR315-398-1011Yes
Lyons2 Bdrm 1/2 house2 / 1NoGas750750Gas and electric, water and sewer315 573-0573No
Lyons1 Bdrm1 / 1StNoelectric500500electricwater and sewer315 573-0573Yes
PalmyraApartment building 2 / 1No550550elec/water garbage sr lc315-719-2444Yes
LyonsAvailable later, call now4 / 2K,FM,LDY,LRNoNat. gas950950all315-946-5261Yes
Lyonsi bedroom upper1 / 1Noelec525525h2o/garbage 315-375-4597Yes
NewarkUpper2 / 1$500.00$500.00E,H,HWW,S,TR,SR,LC315-331-6497Yes
LyonsStudio Apartment1 / 1KNoE350350E,H,SR,W, S, LC, TR585-764-3239No
Palmyragarage with lift / 1officeNonat gas750.00750.00allnone5857046393No
Macedon1 and 2 Br apartments1-2 / 1dining & living roomsNoelectirc heat$540-$590/$640-$690$790-$840/890-$940utility (electric)water, garbage disposal585-261-3537Yes
Newark1st and 2nd bedroom apartments, all have small decks.1+2 / 1K,LR, ST, OTH and LDY (down), deck. NoNatural gas$550.00-650.00500.00E, H + HW (gas). W, S, TR, SR, LC.Fred 315-483-8306.Yes
LyonsUpstairs2 / 1K,LR,LDY,NoGas650.00650.00E,H,TRW,S.SR,LC315-946-3383Yes
Williamson2100 sq ft commercial space on Route 104 High Traffic area 3 phase power Call for details / 1NoGasE, H,TR, SR, LC315-945-2409No
Sodus P.LOWER LEVEL 1BDR1 / 1NoGAS500.00500.00E,GAS,SR,HW,H,TR,W,S315 483-0069Yes
Newarkupstairs apt2 / 1sun porch enclosedNonat gas525.00500.00utilities/garbagesr/lc3158794768Yes
LyonsSapp Building3 / 1Upstairs apartment with enclosed back porch Nogas700700315-946-6992Yes
LyonsGranite Works2 / 1Noelectric550.00550.00ETR, S, W315-946-6992Yes
LyonsNusbickel Building1 / 1No400400ElectricWater/Trash/Heat315-946-6992Yes
Palmyraretail space / 11oil525.00525.00heatelectric5857046393No
Ontario1/2 house4 / 2K,DR,LR,PORCHgas9001100utilitieswater/garbage585-705-5666Yes
MacedonAPT2 / 1K,DR,LDYGAS625700UTILITIESWATER/TR585-705-5666Yes
PalmyraTest Post2 / 1K, DR, LR, ST, LDYNo750750EH, W, S, HW, TR, SR, LC123-234-3456Yes
Wolcott1/2HOUSE/APARTMENT1BR W/LOFT / 2-1/2BATHSK, LR, ST, LDY, OTHNoN. GAS495.00650.00E, H, W, S, HW, TRSR, LC315-483-6757Yes
Newark1 Bedroom Upper1 / 1k, lrsteam radiators$550$550EH, W, SR, HW, TR, SR, LC315-573-5692No
Newark2 bedroom upper2 / 1k, lr$600$600e, g, hwh, w, s, tr, sr, lc315-573-5692No
SodusAparatment1 / 1K, LrYesElectricrent based on incomefirst months rent and utility depositE, H, HWS, TR, SR, LC, W315-483-4553Yes
WalworthLOWER 1/2 HOUSEONE / ONEK, DR, LRNoGAS550.00550.00E, H, W, S, HW, TR, LCSROFFICE 315-986-1171Yes
NewarkApartment upper floor1 / 1Living, Dining, StoreroomNoElectric$550.00$550.00H, WS, SR, LC315-331-3182Yes
PalmyraMobile Home1 / 1K, LRNoGas350350E, HW, S, TR, SR, LC585-469-4652Yes
Clydeone bed room upper apt, new windows & insulation1 / 1K, LR, LDYNoelectric425425E, H, W, S, TR, SN, LC315 923-5191No
LyonsApartment2 / 1K, DR, LR, ST, OTHNoNat. Gas475.475.E, W, HTR, SR, LC315-398-9528Yes
Clyde25 Col. Apt #2one / onek, LrNonatural gas395395E, H , W/STR315 923-7998No
ClydeOne bedroom apartment1 / 1K,LR,DRNoNatural Gas425425E,G,W,STrash315-573-0034No
Clyde1 Bedroom Apartment1 / 1LR, K, DRNoGas425425G, E, W, STrash315-573-0034No
LyonsCozy upper 2 bedroom apartment2 / 1kitchen, livingrm, storageYesgas425425NYSEG, water, trash(585) 317-3817No
PalmyraHouse2bedroom / 1Living room, Kitchen , Dining RoomNoFuel Oil $1200.00$1200.00All Utilities315-398-0301Yes / 1-newlv, k-furnishedNoincluded,natural gas495.00250.00propane for cooking onlyE, H, W, TR, SR, LC,cable incl.315-946-4923Yes
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